January Necessities

Hello 2018! And hello to a new blog post(finally). So, I don’t know about you but January is definitely my least favourite month of the year and is definitely the one that seems to last longer than it should. The wind is constantly raging, the rain is constantly pouring and it’s forever cold and grey. […]

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Autumn, Autumn, Autumn!

Oh Autumn, how much I really do love you! I love the colours, I love the weather, I love the meals, I love the clothes, I love the makeup, I love everything there is to possibly love about Autumn! I also know how much a few of my Instagram followers love Autumn so I thought […]

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Long time, No see!

So yes, before you ask, I am still alive and back from the veryy long break I had from blogging……(lots of happy feels)! Since I haven’t been blogging, a lot of exciting things have happened, including moving house, my birthday AND being in Top of The Pops magazine! If you follow me on Instagram then […]

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